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Are you searching for MP3?

  • A nice place to start your search is mIRC-X. Remember to select media search and then press the search button. You will be routed from one search engine to the next by pressing CONTINUE SEARCH at the bottom of the page.

  • Lycos and FAST rock the web with the world's largest MP3 Internet music directory. Read more here and follow the links to the FTP-search page and the MP3-search page.

  • Are you frustrated from connecting and being rejected on FTP servers and sick and tired of ratio servers? Then you should try a search at Scour.net. You need to download the Scour Media Agent (SMA) software first, and then you can search for audio at Scour. The SMA will connect to the remote server (if available) and download your selection. You can see a screen shot of SMA and try a search at Scour at the bottom of this page.

  • If you haven't tried the WinAmp MP3-player yet, you should get yourself a copy from Winamp.com ASAP.

  • You can find daily updated MP3 software at the DailyMP3.com site. Another good place to start looking is at mp3.com.

  • If you are looking for other freeware or shareware, you can start your search at winfiles.com.


Try Scour here

  Here you can search for mp3 files at Scour.net

SMA screen shot

sma.jpg (28378 bytes)