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CDreport user information.

  • CDreport is an extension of your CDplayer program. You still have to use a CDplayer in order to add the CD title and track titles to your CD data base. The CDplayer must support and organize your CD collection like a CDDB data base with category folders and calculated disc IDs, storing the CD information in separate files for each CD.

  • You can learn more about CDDB at cddb.com.

  • You can also find CDplayers and CD data base organizers here.

  • My favorite CDplayer which also makes a nice couple with CDreport is NotifyCD. This CDplayer has all the functions you need for connecting to a CDDB server, and it organizes your CD data base in an easy way.

  • CDreport is only working with disc information that is already present in your local CDDB data base.

  • Use CDreport to add extended information about the CDs and about the CD tracks without having to insert the CD in the CD player. This is a nice way to enter track lyrics into your local CDDB files.

  • Use CDreport to insert pictures of the CD covers in your CD data base. Just scan the cover and save the picture as a 200x200 pixels .JPG image. Then use CDreport to copy the file to your CD cover folder. After copying, your original .JPG file may be deleted.

  • Use CDreport to list all tracks in your collection from selected artists.

  • Use CDreport to make a report of all titles in your collection. The report contains artist, disc, and track information for all the CDs in your collection.

  • Use CDreport to print the report.

  • The .WAV soundclips played by CDreport may be replaced to suit your own preferences.