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CDreport help.

There are only nine commands on the menu bar in CDreport. The commands are explained below.

  • File -> Folders - This command displays a drive and folder selection frame where you can specify the working folders for CDreport. The first folder is the root folder for your local CDDB data base. The music categories should be sub-folders to the specified folder. The second folder is where you want CDreport to store the cover art images.
  • File -> Exit - Exits CDreport
  • Tracks - This command will list all tracks in your collection by the currently selected artist. Moving the mouse pointer over the track names will display the title of the disc where the track was found as ToolTip information.
  • List - This command generates a report containing artist name, disc title, and track titles in a separate text box. You can print the full report, or selected parts of it, directly from the report frame. You can also copy and paste from the report frame into a text editor or another application.
  • Save - When a disc title is selected you may enter extended disc information into the disc info text box on the main screen, and when a track title is selected you may enter extended track information (e. g. lyrics) into the track info text box as well. The save command simply saves the information to the CDDB data base.
  • Image - This command allows you to select a cover art image file that correspond to the presently selected disc title. The cover art image must be stored in a 200x200 pixels .JPG file. Once the file is selected, CDreport copies the file to the image folder and renames it to the name of the corresponding CDDB file. Afterwards the original file may be deleted.
  • Help -> About - Displays the version number and the current licence information.
  • Help -> Commands - Displays this help information.
  • Help -> Register - Displays a disclaimer and information on how to register and get a licence key.